About Us

In the past few years the world has shifted towards working from offices to working online. More and more people have started to earn online not just in Kenya but all over the world. Many people lost their jobs during the pandemic and this motivated people who lost their jobs to start earning online from the comfort of their homes. Freelancing platforms provided themselves as a great alternative.

Businesses have started to realize that they don’t need fulltime employees for specific tasks when the tasks can be carried out by experts at a relatively less cost than their full time employees. This also gives businesses more diversity in skills.

My name is Njue Nthiga and I am the co-founder of Leynks along with several other like minded Partners. Looking at the popularity of online freelancing platforms,I joined several different international freelancing platforms as well. However one of the biggest problems with such platforms is that they are saturated.People from all over the world offer their services which makes the competition very tough, especially for the people who are just starting out on those platforms.

This is what gave me and my partners an idea to introduce a local freelancing platform. I struggled a lot when I started out and I knew that many Kenyans out there do not know how to find the right freelancers or right freelancing platforms for work. So having a local platforms is not only going to make things easier for businesses and freelancers but it will also be good for Kenya’s economy.

Most individuals and businesses in Kenya don’t know where to outsource their work for different types of freelance services. They don’t know where to look for services like developing websites, making videos, content writing,computer programming, voiceover projects and thousands of other tasks. Having a local freelancing platform can help these individuals and businesses to get their work done in a more efficient and effective manner.

Things that make Leynks the ideal option for local businesses and freelancers is that the transactions can be carried out in the local currency. Some of the more popular international platforms out there are relatively more costly. So Leynks can help local businesses and freelancers while also boosting the country’s economy at the same time.

Currently,businesses and individuals have to find freelancers on social media, through referrals, and on over saturated marketplaces. Sometimes they even have to pay in advance for the services. When you hire someone from social media, there is no rating or review system. So you never know about other people’s experience with a specific freelancer and to pay such people in advance is a bit of a gamble. At Leynks, you can actually see how other people have rated a specific freelancer. This will help you make a more educated decision about which freelancer to hire and which one to avoid. On Leynks the seller is paid after the task is completed so it gives a sense of financial security to the buyers.

No matter the type of professional work you are looking for, you can get it done through Leynks. You can find highly experienced local freelancers that can deliver the most efficient work at a very reasonable price.