1. Getting Started

Leynks is a secure online jobs marketplace that connects Buyers and Sellers. Sellers on Leynks have the opportunity to promote and sell their services for a price, while Buyers can securely purchase these services at a bargain without comprising on quality.

The platform offers a massive range of services for every budget and strives to be fair to all our users.

Buyer on Leynks is an individual looking to purchase a service from a Leynks seller. A buyer can be anyone who needs a specialized small job completed.

Seller on Leynks is an individual who has a very specialized skill set and can deliver this as a service to a potential buyer. The seller can be a graphic artist,virtual assistant, video artists, writer, social media marketer among others

It doesn’t matter how you sign up, either to buy or sell: you only need to sign up once. With the same account, you can buy services from other Leynks sellers and you can sell services as well.

Signing up to Leynks is secure and very simple. Click here to sign up.

Joining Leynks is ALWAYS FREE.  There are no monthly membership premiums to pay when you join Leynks. Click here to sign up.

2. Buyers

YES.  You must have an account on Leynks with a valid e-mail address, which may also be your PayPal e-mail address.  The reason you must hold an account is for the security of our community.  This also helps us track the progress of your orders. An account is also necessary so that you can communicate with a potential buyer and/or seller.

All messages that are sent between buyer and seller are only visible to both parties. Leynks does not publish these messages in the public domain.

Yes! We recommend that you contact the seller first before buying to make sure you fully understand the service you are purchasing.

Once you have found the job you are interested to purchase, the name of the seller should appear at the bottom of the job title. Click the user name and then click the link “Contact”: it will open the message page. Type your questions and hit “Send” once you are done.

Once you have logged in to your Leynks account

  • Search for the job that you would like to purchase
  • Click the green “Buy Now For..” button
  • Click PayPal, Pesapal (Pay through Mpesa), or Account Balance button to pay for the job   
  • Once the payment is completed, it will inform you that the order is successful
  • Please go to the My Shopping page of your account to check the order and send all the details to help the seller start working on your order.

You may use the same account to buy or sell on Leynks.

Every time you come across a job, which you like, press the “heart” icon. In order to view all of your favorites, you can go to your Dashboard and see the favorite jobs that were saved each time you pressed the heart icon: https://leynksonlinejobs.co.ke/my-favorites/

Any order that has been cancelled will be credited to your Leynks account.

Money is not automatically returned to PayPal.

When an order is canceled, the credit is applied to your Leynks account and you can use this money towards buying another Job on Leynks (there are no additional charges for any cancellation and the money is returned to your Leynks’s account in full). If you wish to transfer the money into your PayPal account then you must contact leynks helpdesk [email protected]

When you place an order on Leynks, we create a dedicated tracking number for this order. Apart from communicating with the seller, you can find anything that the buyer has delivered to you on my shopping page a notification will also be sent via email.

This could be in the form of a URL, a Word document, Excel Document, pictures, or any other type of digital goods.

You will be notified of the progress of your orders through email or you can check by visiting the My Shopping page of your Leynks account to check the status of any of your orders: https://leynksonlinejobs.co.ke/my-account/shopping/ 

The seller of the order has to set a pre-defined number of days in which to complete your order from the moment you first place it. 

The seller should deliver the order on or within the pre-defined period

Yes you can, however, if the job has been delivered exactly as described by the seller in the first place, then s/he will not be obliged to make changes.

Certainly. You can request changes from the seller ahead of ordering. If s/he accepts your request for changes, then s/he can either create a new custom job or you can still purchase the original job with the agreed changes.

We recommend that you contact the seller if you have any questions or doubts about what will be delivered.

After the seller has delivered a service, you have the opportunity to leave positive or negative feedback with some comments. Feedback helps sellers, and our community, grow. Here are the steps on how you can leave feedback:

Log into your account
Click “Shopping” from the drop-down arrow next to your user name on top of the page. It will open all your orders: https://leynksonlinejobs.co.ke/my-account/shopping/
Click the order number of the delivered service that you would like to leave a review.
From the bottom of the page, you will be able to leave feedback.

Absolutely, you can get a refund if the seller has not provided what s/he has promised.  However, we will not refund if the seller has delivered the service as described.

Certainly – we have a dedicated section for buyer requests. This section can be used to request a certain service, which has not been advertised, and sellers can then respond to your request.

This means the number of orders that have been purchased for this particular job that is ahead of your request and that the seller has to complete before he or she can start working on your order.

It’s a quality guide for buyers. The seller rating is calculated by Leynks. Its based on the number of sales for that particular job and the number of good and bad responses the job has received from previous buyers.

In most cases, the buyer owns the work.  However, in certain situations where the seller is selling digital goods for which s/he owns the legal selling rights, s/he may not want to pass on these rights. 

Always verify with the seller if you need distribution rights.

When a seller delivers an order the buyer has a maximum of 3 days to look into the order and complete the order. If the buyer doesn’t complete the order then Leynks will automatically complete the order.

3. Sellers

Once you have signed up, sign in to your account and follow the following link:  Create a Leynks Job.

In order to create a job, you must have a good picture that stands out from the crowd. In addition, we recommend adding a video and title that both clearly describe what you have to offer – and a detailed description that precisely describes what your buyer will receive.

You can edit your job, after you have logged in and then go to your profile and click on my jobs, then active Jobs. Or, click on this link to navigate there directly once you have logged in https://leynksonlinejobs.co.ke/my-account/

Once you are there on that screen, click on the edit button to make amendments.

Essentially, you should try to find a category, which “best” fits your particular service. 

If this is not possible then use the “Other” category. 

The maximum size for files is 10Mb.

You may use file-sharing sites on the internet which may include:

  • Google Drive.
  • Dropbox.
  • Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Amazon Drive.

We don’t have a monetary reward scheme. However, if you sell more jobs then you can become a Top Seller. Top Sellers will get more focus on Leynks.

You will also gain a star rating which buyers recognize on Leynks. 

Your reward will be more sales. 

Sure you can.Once a buyer orders from you, you can track the order ID and exchange messages with him/her on that page and see a history of your conversion too.

You can create as many jobs as you need.  Please be reminded that we are on the constant lookout for those who spam our site with multiple posts for the same type of job.

No,you only need to create one account. 

A Leynks account allows you to buy and sell jobs at the same  time

Jobs that belong to sellers who are no longer active on Leynks or who haven’t actively visited Leynks will be suspended. 

Any order goes through a number of statuses. After the job has been delivered, the buyer has the opportunity to review the order and then complete it.

Once the order has been completed by the buyer, the money will become available for the seller to withdraw after the clearance period of 3 days.

Leynks retains a 15% commission.

You can withdraw your money to your Paypal account. The minimum withdrawal amount is Kes. 1,000

Or you can use the money in your Leynks account to purchase other jobss.

Once we receive a request for a withdrawal, we release the money within 48 hours.

In the first instance, your earnings will be accumulated on your Leynks account. Only when you request a withdrawal, it’s then we will move the earned money from your Leynks account into your PayPal account.

Contact Leynks support ([email protected]) to assist you if you cannot see your money in your PayPal account after requesting a withdrawal.

Once the buyer has completed the order the payment is released and the buyer cannot request a refund.

Please do not do work with pending order status (“Deposit Waiting! The transaction will start as soon as the buyer pays”).
The buyer simply clicked on the Buy button but has not paid yet.
This simply shows the intention only to buy your work, no more. You need to wait for the payment to be completed.

You can contact your potential buyer and clarify details.

 you cannot ask for more money. You are required to deliver what has been promised in the jobs description.

Leynks does not have a facility to hire a seller on a permanent basis. Leynks is specialized in delivering jobs that are short term only. Leynks cannot be responsible for any money that is exchanged outside our website and we cannot encourage this.

When a seller delivers the order the buyer has a maximum of 3 days to look into the order and complete the order. If the buyer doesn’t complete the order then Leynks will automatically complete the order.

Leynks requires a 3 days clearance period.

Yes you can, it is, however, up to the discretion of your buyer to accept the extension.

Contact at all times the buyer and communicate with him.

An order can only be cancelled with mutual consent or rejection by the buyer, which is then accepted by the seller. In rare cases, the Leynks administrator can cancel the order. If you are in doubt about the actual reason why the order has been cancelled, please contact the  Leynks Support ([email protected]).

In most cases the buyer owns the work, however in certain situations where the seller is selling digital goods for which he or she owns the legal selling rights – he or she might not want to pass on these rights.

Always be clear with your buyer about selling rights.

Contact [email protected] to advise you as to the reason your job was suspended.

4. General

Perhaps you have forgotten your password? In that case, you can reset your password again.

Perhaps your Leynks account has been suspended or you may be encountering a technical issue.  Please raise a support ticket ([email protected]) so we can look into your account immediately.

No, it is not possible to add a clickable link to your Leynks profile. And
you cannot add the name of your external website, including the URL.

You can change your password by clicking on the Change Password link on your Profile Settings page.

In order to change your password, you must be logged in first.

No. You have an option to add your PayPal e-mail address to your profile settings

You can contact support on email [email protected]nlinejobs.co.ke

You can send feedback via email [email protected]

Once the order has been delivered, both the buyer and seller can review the order and add additional feedback about the delivered service.

The buyer can give a negative or positive feedback.

A review becomes permanent from the moment this is submitted.

Contact the support if you don’t agree with the review and Leynks can look into the particulars for you.

A fraudulent activity is a transaction that has been placed on Leynks that is dishonest. This could range from using other people’s credentials up to using stolen PayPal accounts and Credit Cards. We have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of behavior – and we take any attempts to violate our policy very seriously.

If you notice any fraudulent activities or policy violations, you must report this immediately to [email protected]

Any issues, of any nature, can be reported to the email [email protected]