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We are proud to be a mega-fast-growing freelance agency in Kenya that delivers results. But what makes us proud the most is being able to help your businesses grow, expand and see success with expert freelance work. Just like you, our freelancers are driven, inspired and highly ambitious;more than ready to deliver you high-quality work that you and your business deserve.

Why settle for somebody you are not sure about? Why risk your budget on somebody who does not have the right experience, when you can come to Leynks and find your expert freelancer in seconds. Here is where YOU get to choose who you want to hire and who YOU feel is right for the job. And the best part? There’s plenty of choices you can choose from.

Your Privileges From Buying On Leynks

1. You choose the budget

Explore high-quality services at all the price points. Choose the job that fits your budget. No hourly rates, no per-word rates, just job-based pricing.

2. High quality & fast work

Leynks is the place to hire talented Kenya-based expert freelancers for your business. Our in-demand experts provide great work that delivers greater results, all within fast timeframes

3. Safe, Easy & Secure Payments

We make the process safe and secure for both parties. Your payment as a buyer is not released until you approve the work. You can pay with Kshs and you can easily pay using local mobile money transfer services.

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